A LOT is said and written about drivers around this time of the year, with winter hazards and drink driving campaigns.

But one of the big worries on the roads at the moment is the behaviour of some cyclists (although describing them that way may suggest they have some kind of proficiency on a bike).

Some of the riding I have witnessed over the past few weeks has been downright reckless.

Bikes veering all over the road, groups riding in gangs performing wheelies while traffic is passing and passengers sitting on handlebars while someone is pedalling. I could go on.

Rarely is there a helmet on nor is there any illuminated/reflective clothing worn.

As a driver, I often have my heart in my mouth.
This isn’t a pop at cyclists, I suspect many who set the right standards will share my worries.

But come on police, when messages of advice and warnings are being handed out think about the cyclists as well as the drivers?

Concerned driver, St Helens