STAR reader Norman Bolton has shared some pictures from yesteryear, showing student nurses in the 60s and classes at Sacred Heart RC School in 1949.

The top left picture shows three student nurses from Ireland who came over to train at Providence Hospital, while the top right picture shows how they are today.

The three women in both pictures, taken in 1968 and 2018, are Susan Winstanley, nee Reilly from County Longford, Nora Bolton, nee Cremin, from County Cork and Carmel Mohan, nee Sharkey from County Roscommon. The trio have been friends for more than 50 years, and were regulars at the Irish Night in the Geraldo Club in Gerards Bridge – where Susan and Nora met their future husbands. The bottom two pictures were taken in 1949 and show two classes at Sacred Heart School. Norman has surnames for the boys on the picture but not first names, can you name them?

On the first picture (bottom left): O’Rourke, Moore, ?, Bolton, Reid, Lowery, Cunningham, Johnson, Knockton, Ried; Eccleston, Mortinson, Rigby, Mainard, Wills, Harrison, ?, Quirk, Pennington, Halle, Skidmore, Potter; Johnson, Ball, Riley, Walsh, Foster, Norton, Kavanagh, McGarratey, Pendlebury, Ratcliff.

On the picture (bottom right) Norman says that the teacher is Stan Russell, who was a prisoner of war in 1945 in Japan during the Second World War. He is seeking names of the students. Email