SPORTS teams are calling for action over "persistent" dog fouling on football pitches.

Football clubs who use the playing fields on Bishop Road in Dentons Green say some fixtures have had to be interrupted while dirt is removed.

Concerns over hygiene have also been raised.

Teams who use the pitches include Cricketers FC and St Helens Celtics.

Craig Johnson, first team captain and social media manager at Cricketers FC, said: "We're picking up the dog dirt off the field and the game has to be stooped.

"In 20 years of playing I've never known games to be stopped for this.

"It's becoming a joke and if it's not managed it can cause harm. If it gets into eyes it can actually cause blindness with the bacteria, so I think it's quite serious.

"I think the dog owners need to take more ownership.”

Mark Hunt, whose son plays under 10s football on the field, added: "It seems to be getting worse. I warm up the goalkeeper for the team and there is dog dirt where the goalie is going to be diving.

"It's right across the field sadly, it's really annoying. It is every week.

"I am a dog owner and I pick up any mess after the dog. For me the council need to stop dogs going on that field.

"It's a serious thing that needs addressing."