A NURSERY has proved that age is just a number by regularly taking a group of toddlers on play dates with residents at a care home.

Children aged three and younger from General Day Nursery have been making fortnightly visits to Parr Care Home which has started some lovely new friendships with residents.

The fortnightly visits have included the unlikely birthday celebrations between a group with more than 80 years age difference, sing alongs to nursery rhymes, arts and crafts sessions, playing games and puzzles together and more importantly bridging the gap between the generations.

This was the idea of nursery manager Lisa Brown. She said: "We started visiting in August and attend regularly now with both the children and residents really enjoying themselves every time.

"For me I was inspired by watching the Channel 4 programme Old People's home for Four Year Olds and after visiting my gran in a old peoples home and thinking it would be a lovely thing to bridge the gap between the generations.

"Parr Care Home is just down the road and they were made up to get involved, so we walk there every two weeks and do all kinds of things.

"The children absolutely love it and it's heartwarming to see the residents at the care home come alive when these little children walk in so full of energy.

"Most of the time care homes are quiet and they just sit around so it must be nice having some young visitors.

"One resident was a teacher when she was younger and doesn't usually react very much nowadays according to staff - but she was waving and interacting with the little ones - its lovely I just wanted to cry."

The group even held a Hallowe'en party together which saw the children and residents dressing up for the festivities.

Joanne Foster, administrator at Parr Care Home, added: "The residents love it when the children come to visit and it's great for us to see young and old alike playing and joining in activities together.

"Many of the residents don't get visitors regularly, so it's been great for the children to run in all excited.

"I would recommend others doing this as well because it is a benefit to the residents and to the children I think - they seem to have a great time."