WETHERSPOONS has confirmed that a needle which a toddler pricked his finger on in the Glass House pub was part of a diabetes kit.

Mum Amy Bate described how a family trip had turned into "a day from hell" as her two-year-old son Oscar was hurt after crawling under a table at the pub on Sunday, October 21.

He picked up something that looked like a lid and cried "ouch".

Writing on Facebook, Amy stated: "Panic struck I ripped it off him and looked and lo and behold: a needle. It had stabbed his finger.

"I am absolutely livid! My child has been so distressed and is so not fair!

"These things just should never happen. As I say who uses a needle then dumps it under a table in a family pub!

"I am so angry and upset that our little boy has had to go through this and been put at risk!

"I'm praying all these tests come back negative. What an absolutely horrible day! My poor baby boy."

Amy said she had to spend hours in a hospital as her son was given blood tests and vaccines for hepatitis and HIV and that Oscar will have to undergo repeat blood tests three months later and then on six months, with more vaccines.

A Wetherspoons spokesman said that the needle involved in the incident was from a diabetes kit.

He said: "It was from a diabetes testing kit and was a needle which a diabetic would use.

"It was not a good situation from our point of view."

Previously, following the incident, Wetherspoons said: “The manager at the pub and the company apologise wholeheartedly to the lady and her family.

“This is a horrible incident and obviously shouldn’t happen.

“The lady and her child shouldn’t have had to go through the trauma of having an HIV test at the hospital.

“The manager at the pub would like to offer the lady a £50 gift card for use at the pub.

“This in no way underestimates the situation that she faced.”