A HOME surveyor who decided to mix his professional skills with his lifelong passion has become a published science-fiction author.

Andrew Williams, 69, has always had a love for sci-fi stories and films - with favourites including War of the Worlds and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

And Andrew, who has written technical books in his work, decided to use his skills to take to fictional story writing.

He has already published debut novel Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge last year and has now also penned sequel Arcadia’s Children 2: The Fyfield Plantation.

"I have written a couple of technical books on surveying and I always wanted to do a novel, particularly sci-fi," said Andrew, who lives in Rainhill and is married to wife Geraldine.

The story is centred around character Mick Tarmy who is blackmailed into being part of an underworld operation.

"It was something I built up, I created my own little world and the second one came quickly as I am building on my existing characters.

"Fantasy and sci-fi was what I enjoyed reading and it's what I enjoy writing."

Andrew, who also enjoys astronomy and is an active member of the local BNI group, added: "I love sci-fi, things like War of the Worlds and I like watching Arnie Schwarzenegger's movies and it is that sort of influence that has come through.

"I'm not new to writing nut at the same time it's different way of writing to do a novel. It is something I very much enjoy and I am hoping I will have a series. I've got the third one in the making and another book which is sort of based around my office and an amusing one."

Andrew's first book is available on Amazon as a paperback, with the sequel set for release in February.

See arcadiaschildren.com for more.