AN ice cream vendor from Newton-le-Willows has helped to break the world record for the longest ice cream van convoy.

Chris Whitehead of Riley's Ices was among the 84 vans which took part in the Guinness world record attempt yesterday, Tuesday, in Wychwood Park, Crewe.

Chris, 43, who was the 40th van in the World Record Breaking line up, said: "We failed the first attempt as all the ice cream vans had to be no more than 10 meters apart, but we did it on the second attempt.

"There was a massive turn-out and I'm really glad I got involved.

"Children were waving to us as they lined the streets.

"It's a fantastic thing to be involved in because it probably won't be done again in my lifetime."

Ice cream vans from across the country gathered to take part in the two-mile route.

It took the convoy about 25 minutes to complete under the watchful eye of a Guinness world record official.

The vans could not be more than 10 metres apart or the attempt would have failed.

Ed Whitby, from Whitby Morrison ice cream van manufactures in Crewe, came up with the record-breaking idea.

He said: "The world record idea was generated from many family conversations.

"We hold an annual trade event which gives the industry a chance to catch up on the season just gone and look at the new opportunities that lie ahead.

"We discussed that it would be great if these people could arrive in their ice cream vans – how amazing would it be to see them all in convoy?

"From that, we thought, what if we were to set a world record?

"So that's what we did and the result was nothing short of amazing."