AMAZING artwork by year 7 to sixth form students at Cowley International College will soon be on display at the Millennium Gateway.

The work, produced over the past 10 years, will be showcased next month, November, at the art gallery at the Millennium Centre on Bickerstaffe Street, St Helens.

The youngest artist showcased is 13, with represented art up to the age of 18.

Susan Kay, head of art at Cowley, said: “Each year, I am astonished by the talent of our students, but more often the sheer determination to succeed in their favoured subject is overwhelming.

“The exhibition is a celebration of art work by students who have previously passed through the doors of Cowley College.

“The work, produced during the last 10 years, is only a minute sample of the brilliant work our students regularly produce.

“The work on display here, is by students with a range of ages and Key Stages, the youngest being just 13 years old, and the oldest, 18.

“Our students take great pride in their work and it is a privilege to be given the opportunity to exhibit the work at the Millennium Centre.”

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