OWNERS of Whiston takeaway Brunch got to rub shoulders with food maestro Raymond Blanc as they won an award celebrating ethical food which the celebrity chef founded.

Family-run Brunch, on Greenes Road, won the Good to Go award at the Food Made Good Awards 2018, the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s (SRA) annual industry accolades for the most progressive purveyors of food and drink at FEST Camden in London.

Sharon Carline, owner of Brunch, said: “I'm thrilled to have won the 2018 Food Made Good, Good to Go award.

"Brunch is committed to being as sustainable as possible, by offering our customers great food without having a negative impact on our planet.

"This is why we’ve made positive changes with a full commitment to use packaging that is environmentally-friendly.

"All our takeaway food is presented to our Bruncher’s in recyclable boxes , even our hot drinks, smoothies, milkshakes & fresh orange are served in 100% biodegradable cups.

"We even look beyond our food when thinking about sustainability as where possible our equipment and furniture is either second-hand or upcycled as small changes can have massive impacts of making businesses more sustainable.

"It's great to be recognised by the Sustainable Restaurant Association and we can’t wait to celebrate with our customers.”

They were among 17 winners who were announced on the night.

Raymond Blanc OBE, who is president of the SRA, added: “Year after year, chefs and restaurateurs continue to delight me with their winning submissions.”