PUPILS at a primary school got up close and personal with a Tyrannosaurus-Rex after they turned detective over strange goings-on.

In a week of dinosaur-themed learning, the youngsters at Grange Valley were initially met with the sight of a large egg in the playground.

The police made a visit to the school to take part in a mock investigation which was launched into the mystery.

They took witness statements and ensured it was kept safe as pupils developed their own theories.

However, when they came back to school the next day, the egg had disappeared with the cage wide open leading to lots of questions about what had happened.

On the Friday, a T-Rex hurled itself through the hall doors as pupils found out that the dinosaur was called Jam and he was here for his egg.

Grange Valley teacher Amy Kelly said: "We learnt all about fossils, dinosaur myths and truths and then our older children completed a green screen workshop where they were able to make an edit their own dinosaur movies!"