STARTING school and nursery for the first time can be a difficult for children – and parents – who can have a lot of separation anxiety.

But one little girl came up with an excellent idea, along with her supportive mum, to help other children and parents get through the first weeks of school knowing that they are not alone.

Last year, Violet Orrick, who had only just turned three, was overcome with separation anxiety when she started nursery.

It was also around that time that she learned how to draw faces, flowers and hearts – which to her meant a ‘V’ for Violet and an ‘M’ on top for Mummy.

Soon, she was drawing them on her mum Leanne’s hand so they would be ‘matching’ and decided that if she pressed it she was sending her mummy a hug – which she eventually called The Hug Button.

Leanne, a counsellor, decided to use this as a tool to help them both through the first weeks of school.

The 38-year-old said: “Being an older mum it was hard for me to be separate from Violet, and she found it difficult at first, so when she decided that if she pressed her heart-button, I would receive a warm hug and vice versa, it was comforting to her.

“She would come home and say ‘Mummy, did you feel all the warm hugs I sent you today?’. All of a sudden she was doing better and it helped so much with the transition into nursery, with her friends’ parents picking up on the idea.

“But because the ink rubbed away I created a temporary tattoo with my business partner that parents and children could apply in the morning and wear in secret all day, giving them an emotional connection that would help whenever the child felt lost or scared and alone.”

Leanne, from the town centre, who co-founded an online women’s empowerment Facebook page called Your Mind Set, added: “From a counselling stand point a lot of clients issues stem from childhood anxiety, so the more we can do to help provide children with an emotional base, where they feel able to express their emotions and feel listened to and supported, is incredibly important.

“This idea stemmed from a little thing Violet did, she’s four now and just started primary school, but she still does the hug button.

“It’s comforting to know that she has a little piece of home to carry with her when she needs it the most.

“Violet’s Hug Button is already helping children and she’s so proud.”

n The Hug Button temporary tattoos are available to by for £5.99 for 18 tattoos on Etsy via