A CARE worker allegedly ill treated five dementia sufferers whom he was employed to look after in a Burtonwood care home, a court has heard.

The allegations against 36-year-old Craig Dann include grabbing an elderly man by the throat and pinning him against a doorway; leaving a woman with facial bruising after forcibly wiping her face and repeatedly pushing another woman into her chair.

A jury has heard that he was heard telling another woman that he would put her in a body bag and dump her in a bin and he also used to tell residents to “f… off”.

Dann, of Neville Street, Newton-le-Willows, has pleaded not guilty to five charges of ill treatment of a person lacking capacity and one charge of common assault.

Robert Edwards, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that looking after residents with dementia can be very challenging and was similar to a vocation like being a nurse.

Dann was a care worker employed by The Old Vicarage residential home in Burtonwood near Warrington which accommodates such residents in a wing called The Willows.

“The prosecution case is that it was a job the defendant was in and one which he should not have been. Working with those with dementia requires sympathy, tenderness and gentleness.”

Dann, who began working as a full time care worker at The Willows in September 2016, behaved “unsympathetically, aggressively and on occasions with violence,” he alleged.

In May last year, a domestic assistant was walking behind him as he pushed a woman along in a wheelchair and heard her saying something about bins. Instead of a sympathetic response he said, ‘If you carry on I’ll put you in a body bag and put you in a f….ing bin’,” alleged Mr Edwards.

On other occasions Dann had allegedly been heard telling residents to "shut up" or "f... off".

Mr Edwards claimed that another employee saw Dann tell another woman, who was at high risk of falling, to sit down in a raised voice “as if angry” and three times pushed her back into her seat with his hands firmly on her shoulders.

On another day when an elderly man refused to go into the dining room, Dann “grabbed him by the throat and pinned him against the door.” The man, who looked stunned and frightened, was pinned there for two or three seconds, he alleged. Realising that there were relatives of residents nearby he immediately released him.

On a later occasion he was allegedly heard shouting as if annoyed to the same man to ‘come on’ and was seen forcibly pushing him into the dining room. “The man seemed distressed as if he wanted to get away and wasn’t co-operating.”

As a colleague watched Dann “used both hands on his back ad using what looked like all his strength pushed him into the dining room.”

The two men began to scuffle and Dann dragged him into the room to the table before the colleague intervened.

Mr Edwards claimed that on July 24 last year an elderly woman poured jug of juice over a dining room table and he walked over, “completely lost his temper and grabbed her by the arm and forcibly pulled her away from the table before putting his hands on her back and “effectively frog marching her out of the room, treating her as a naughty child telling her to go to her room.”

He said that the fifth alleged victim was a frail and elderly woman who used her hands to eat and would consequently get dirty. She reached out as if to get his attention but he seemed to take exception, shouted at her and grabbed her by the wrist. He then held it down on the arm of the wooden chair for five to ten seconds.

She told him not to touch her and he span her chair around from the table and used a paper napkin to forcibly wipe her face. “He did that with force….Her skin began to stretch and her face began to squash,” he alleged.

Dann walked off and the force he had used was sufficient to leave bruises on her wrist or wrists, he added.

Reports about his behaviour were made to management who notified the police, said Mr Edwards.

When interviewed Dann “denied any of the behaviour alleged and said the evidence of colleagues were lies motivated to get him into trouble”.

The case continues.