A CORONER has ruled a verdict of accidental death after a grandmother was run over by a 32-tonne tipper truck in Rainford, describing the case as a “very, very unfortunate incident”.

Former teacher Liz Taylor, died on July 19, 2017, after being knocked down and dragged under the HGV when crossing Church Road in Rainford village.

The inquest at Southport Town Hall on Thursday, August 30, heard how the 73-year-old mum-of-two stepped out into the road in front of the commercial tipper truck which had stopped ahead of a speed bump behind other traffic outside the Co-op shop.

The driver, who said that he had not realised “at any point” that he had made contact with Mrs Taylor, who had crossed the road directly in front of his cabin, then continued on his route and stopped approximately five miles later.

Traffic Collision Investigator Neil Jones explained how the driver pulled over on the lay-by of the East Lancs Road after being flagged down by another motorist who stated that he could see “what appeared to be legs being dragged underneath close to the rear wheels”.

He then looked under the truck and was described as coming out “immediately with a horrified look on his face in absolute shock,” adding that “I don’t know where she came from” and “seeming completely unaware as to how this had happened”.

Mr Jones said: “In my opinion Mrs Taylor stepped into the carriageway at approximately the same time as the truck started to move off and while Mrs Taylor was approximately 24 inches shorter than the base of the truck’s windscreen it was unlikely, in my opinion, that she was visible when [the driver] took off in his near sight vision.”

Coroner Christopher Sumner said Mrs Taylor’s death had taken place near to the scene of impact on Church Road.

He said: “The medical cause of Mrs Taylor’s death was multiple injuries and those were sustained by a road traffic collision with a 32-tonne vehicle.

“I can’t see or say anything other than this has been a very, very unfortunate incident indeed.

“For me to say that this was anything other than an accident I would have to be sure and I am nowhere near sure of that after hearing the evidence.

“So in fact it is my decision that this is an accidental death and can’t go no higher than that and I pass on my condolences to Mrs Taylor’s family.”