A WOMAN who smashed a vase over her victim's head in an argument and then used a shard to slash her face and neck has been jailed for three years and 10 months.

Lauren Eccleston, 21, of Priory Gardens, Windlehurst was sentenced today (Friday, August 10) at Liverpool Crown Court after she had been found guilty after a trial of a Section wounding.

Eccleston launched the "nasty" attack on 27-year-old Leah Harvey on August 22 last year after an argument broke out between friends who had been out drinking.


Leah after the attack

The assault took place after they had returned to a property on Delph Hollow Way in Peasley Cross.

During a disagreement with Ms Harvey, Eccleston smashed a vase over her head knocking her to the floor.

She then used a piece of a broken vase to cut her leaving her with numerous lacerations to her face and neck.

Leah (pictured) had to undergo surgery to her face at Aintree Hospital and has been left with permanent scarring.


Leah Harvey

Detective Constable Phil Poynton said: "This was a particularly nasty assault which has left a young woman with permanent scarring to her face and neck. It is only by chance that Leah Harvey wasn’t permanently blinded during the assault.

"Lauren Eccleston left the property before police officers arrived at the scene and continued to deny responsibility for the incident, forcing the matter to go to trial and prolonging the anxiety for her victim.

"I hope that today’s sentencing gives Leah Harvey a sense of closure and allows her to move on with her life. Lauren Eccleston will also have a considerable period of time to reflect on the consequences of her actions."