“IT really was like a dream come true”: Those are the words of Claire Bradshaw after her six-year-old daughter Kaycee went to Disneyland Paris on a magical weekend provided by Make-a-Wish.

Kaycee Bradshaw, who is the youngest of six siblings from Sutton, was diagnosed with Batten disease in 2016 - a neurological condition that causes sufferers to rarely survive past the age of 12.

It causes patients to have seizures, muscle spasms, progressive dementia, visual impairment leading to blindness and will result in the loss of speech and mobility.

However, international charity Make-a-Wish - which grants wishes to children with critical illnesses - made Kaycee's Disney dream come true by paying for her family to go on an all expenses paid trip to make memories.

Kaycee went on rides, swam with her siblings and most importantly, the Lansbury Bridge pupil got to meet Disney Princesses at a special dinner especially for her.

Her mum Claire said: "The whole trip was brilliant. Kaycee had never even been on a plane before and because she can't really talk we were nervous, but she was giggling away and absolutely loved it.

"Getting to Disney was lovely because they put us up in a gorgeous hotel and everything was sorted for us, all we paid for was drinks for the kids.

"She was so starstruck when she met the Disney princesses, she doesn't like the characters with big false heads like Mickey and Minnie, they scare her, but she was just bewildered and mesmerised by those princesses.

"When Make-a-Wish approched us a while ago and we were waiting until she had her treatment, but we thought, why not do it now when she's as good as she is - and it was amazing.

"I couldn't even say what this has meant for us, Make-a-Wish don't ask for anything but they have given us these brilliant memories as well as thousands of other kids across the world."

"Kaycee is doing brilliantly at the moment and we have had so much support from people back hom and Saints as well, I can't explain how grateful we all are.

"We just plod on but you all keep remembering our little girl and that means everything to us."