THE family of a fun-loving three-year-old boy who died after being given a drug overdose for treating a seizure have paid tribute to him.

Jake Stanley, of Windle Hall Drive, Windlehurst, was taken to Whiston Hospital at 5pm, on January 21, 2017, after suffering a seizure.

The inquest at St Helens Town Hall heard Jake had a history of suffering seizures after having an infection.

On his way to hospital, Jake had another seizure and was taken to the accident and emergency department.

Jake was given the medication phenytoin at seven times the intended rate and seven times the intended dosage.

Senior coroner Christopher Sumner delivered his verdict yesterday, Tuesday, and concluded "neglect played a substantial part" in Jake's death.

Jake is survived by his parents, Anne-Marie and Ian, and his three siblings.

In a statement, Anne-Marie and Ian said: “Our son Jake was the most amazing little boy who had his whole life ahead of him. He was always happy and smiling.

"He brought so much joy and happiness into the lives of everyone who met him.

"Jake loved to sing and dance: he would take every car journey as an opportunity to get us all to sing along with the radio or one of his favourite nursery rhymes.

"He liked to get involved with the everyday things like tidying and helping with the dishes.

"We are reminded each day of the fact that we are now missing such a huge piece of our lives.

"Never again will we find him hiding in the cupboard ready to jump out on us, catch him climbing into the fridge for a sneaky snack, the joy in his face as he would ride around the garden in his car or the smiles he would make whenever we wanted to take a picture.

"We could not have been any more proud of the wonderful little boy that he came to be in the three short years that he was with us and it truly is saddening to know that Jake’s baby brother will never get the chance to know first-hand just how much his big brother loved him.

“There really are no words to describe how we feel now that Jake has been taken from us the way that he was."

The family are represented by Charlotte Tracy of NewLaw Solicitors.

She said: “Anne-Marie and her family have demonstrated a great deal of strength in their pursuit of answers about Jake’s care and what happened on the day of his death.

"All of us at NewLaw Solicitors are pleased that the Coroner agrees there was a substantial failure in providing Jake with the medical care he was owed and that the overdose of phenytoin led to his death.

"It is important that the very serious mistakes that led to Jake’s death are recognised and we are therefore satisfied that the Coroner has seen fit to give a verdict of neglect.

"The family continue to seek formal acknowledgement from the hospital that Jake was not provided with an acceptable standard of care and that his death was avoidable.

"We hope that this issue can be resolved between them shortly.”

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