ST Helens Probation Office has taken part in the Blue Light Mental Health Relay which sees a torch passed to emergency and essential services across the UK.

The relay started on the April 29 from Blackpool and has been working its way around different regions aimed at promoting positive Mental Health and Wellbeing throughout the emergency and essential 'blue light' services.

The aim is to help remove the stigma around the issue.

On Friday, July 6, it was St Helens' turn, and the team collected the blue light torch on a relay from their colleagues at Knowsley Safari Park.

They then ran back to St Helens with the torch before holding a mental health and wellbeing event attended by the mayor and mayoress Pat Ireland and Lynn Glover.

Kelly Rourke, from the St Helens Probation Service, who collected the torch, said: "It was a brilliant atmosphere on the day and it was great that everybody came together from the Wirral, Knowsley and St Helens offices at the safari park.

"It's so important to remove the stigma surrounding mental health, so it's great that across the prison and probation service we have had this relay and highlighted this issue.

"It's important to shift the focus to individuals wellbeing so I think this event is really important.

"Overall the day was excellent and enjoyed thoroughly by staff, we all feel like we are better equipped for dealing with stresses whether it be home, family, work as well as learning techniques for mental health and improving our overall wellbeing.

"It was such a positive day that brought us all together and great of the organisation to support us, and all other blue light services."

The torch was then passed on to Wigan Probation Service to continue its journey.

Mayor of St Helens Councillor Pat Ireland said: “In this day and age, mental health is becoming more and more prevalent – and it’s likely that a large number of households in the borough have either been affected – or knows someone who has been affected by mental health.

“The Mayoress and I were delighted to be invited down to support the blue light event and we wish the probation service and staff – who do a very difficult job – all the very best for the future.”