SAINTS boss Justin Holbrook gave up time to answer questions this week, looking at England selection, the Hull KR game and some injury updates within the squad.

MC: What was your reaction to having five representatives in the England team for the Denver test?

JH: I am thrilled for the boys – all five of them and I think it is a sign of where we sit as a club.

The boys are playing well and the pick the team on form. When you play well, you deserve to make the rep teams. I am pleased for them.

Robes is there, Jonny has been fine and great it is great to see Percy back in the team.

He has been the best centre in the comp this year and was, as everyone knows, unlucky last year in the World Cup.

This year I think his consistency has made them pick him. He has always had the skill and talent but he’s working hard too.

He is a great defensive centre too, and people don’t give him credit for that they just see the great things he does with the ball. He is an outstanding defender, so when they have spoken in the past about picking defensive centres well you would still pick him.

And then the last two, Tommo and Tommy Mak – I am really happy for those two. They work so hard and you see the way they play each week. They play the same, even though they play different positions, they just give it everything which being rewarded by playing for your country is all about.

I am thrilled for them.

MC: What will the two uncapped players in particular get from mixing with and playing against an elite group of internationals?

JH: They will get plenty from it – it is a great experience to be with other teammates at an elite level and different coaching staff too.

It is a good reward, if nothing else, to play for your country, it is a recognition too.

They can come back more confident as players and the beauty of those boys is that they will work hard no matter what is happening and are not the type of players to go away and think ‘I am an international now and won’t train as hard’. They lead from the front in that area.

I am really thrilled for them and can’t wait to watch them play.

MC: Is there anyone unlucky to have missed out?

JH: Obviously Danny Richardson, but for me although I would have been wrapped if he’d made it I just think he’s a very young player still.

And the fact that he has played every week for us, the week off will do him good. That is the beauty of this international week, it gives the rest of the playing group time to freshen up.

Although he may be a little bit disappointed his time will come.

It is good that people like Garry Schofield are talking about him playing for England because that just shows how well he is playing for us.

MC: The game started off with some pace, but then the momentum was taken out of the game with one thing and another.

JH: We had a few near misses that could have seen us go clear. Theo’s grubber grounded by Benny on the deadball, Tommo had the ball knocked out and re-gathered and was held up over the line and Tommy Makin just missed out with a chase to the ball on the stroke of half time.

If you get those three tries all of a sudden it is 36-0 and everyone would have thought we were on fire.

That’s the first game where we have had so many near misses with points scoring opportunities, but Hull KR slowed it up a bit and made it harder. We have to accept that.

The main thing was after Sunday, which was hard we won – and other teams got beat after playing in the cup.

MC: There were some fantastic pieces of play – Zeb Taia’s pass for Barba’s first try was sublime?

JH: The boys work hard on their skill level so to see Zebby execute that was tremendous.

Everyone got their timing right which meant Benny got through untouched – that was a joy to watch.

Even the first try of the second half, through hands and then Dom made the break and Denny kicked left-footed for Percy to score.

The boys are playing well and we need to keep it going.

MC: Looking at Leeds, the sight of the Red Vee seems to bring them back up to the mark?

JH: Yes, but that is for us to change. They have their joy out of us recently and it is up to us to end that and go out and do what it takes to win.

MC: Even with players out, what makes Leeds dangerous?

JH: It is the speed of the ruck and Matt Parcell is like lightning off the back of that from dummy half.

MC: Been a lot of focus again on the left, but Ryan Morgan is playing well and taking his chances?

JH: Yes, he is going well and want him to keep doing that.

His last three or four weeks his defence and attack has been really strong. Last year out left side was dominant but now the right is just as dangerous and we are mixing it up.

MC: James Bentley has not been playing at Sheffield due to injury – how has that set him back?

JH: Yes, he picked up a bad groin injury and we were not sure whether he would be out for 12 weeks or six. He has been out for about five weeks now, but he is going well with his rehab. He is now only a week or two away.

MC: How is the dual reg system working?

JH: You would prefer your own reserve grade and you can control that then, because everyone is under your club at Saints. If a player can’t make the first team the A team is next best, but unfortunately we don’t have that so we have to send blokes on loan. The best thing is that they are getting game time – that is going all right.