HE may have been diagnosed with a brain tumour just weeks ago but that was not going to stop Michael Lindley from broadcasting his radio show.

Michael hosted his programme Brian's Indie Show for Radio KC live from his hospital bed at the Walton Centre after undergoing surgery to remove the cancerous tumour.

He had been diagnosed with the tumour on Monday, May 21 after wife Lynn Gerrard had noticed changes in Michael's behaviour such as dragging his feet and spilling drinks.

Michael, who lives in Dentons Green, hosts the show each week which features unsigned indie musical artists and is played in 174 countries and online.

Despite the devastation of the diagnoses and having to undergo the operation, Michael was determined not to let it get in the way, hosting the show two days after the surgery.

"I pre-recorded a show knowing I was going to be in recovery," said Michael, who will undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment.

"I started it live from the bed. The steroids they give you tend to make you feel quite well, it's an amazing thing.

"Everybody thinks I'm crazy doing that. One of the nurses said what's that track and when she heard my voice on a pre-record she was gobsmacked."

Michael, 61, who does the show for free, added: "The show is aimed at promoting unsigned UK-based indie music artists who normally struggle to get on radio. I started about five years ago. Radio KC approached me and it's a two-hour show with 26 tracks and I select ones I think worth playing."

Michael, who has also started a blog about his experiences since diagnosis, added "The support has been amazing. I'd like to thank all the staff at Walton who were amazing and surgeon Andrew Brodbelt."

Wife Lynn, a well-known poet in the town, added: "He has been through all of this and the only thing he' is thinking is how can I help other people."

Michael, who helps with charity events for mental health and homelessness, says he also intends to organise something to help other brain tumour sufferers.

See rkc.noip.me for the radio show and fruitbatwalton.blogspot.com for Michael's blog.