WHISTON Hospital-based doctor Tom Wellens has been praised for his timely intervention at the scene of a motorcycle accident in Castleford on Thursday night.

Tom, 28, the son of former Saints full back Kevin and nephew of club legend Paul, was travelling to the Super League clash at the Jungle when he came across the crash scene on Lock Lane.

His first response was to pull over, check the casualty -who had suffered serious pelvic injuries - and liaise with the ambulance crews until they arrived at the scene.

Job done, he went on his way to the match with his dad - but the following day a search went out via social media on behalf of the victim's family, keen to track down the doctor who had come to the rescue.

Within an hour they had the name and have since been in touch since to say thanks.

Tom explained: "We were driving to the game and approaching the road where we normally park in Cas, and that is where we saw a bit of a crumpled motorbike with a car in the middle of the road.

"I said to my dad we would have to pull over to check that everything was all right.

"When I got out there was a lady lying on the floor. I just went over and introduced myself and explained what I do and went from there.

"I sat down with her on the floor and encouraged people not to move her. I was a little worried because people were saying 'see if you can move your legs' or 'move your arms' - because obviously - if you have a neck injury you shouldn't be moving people until you have the necessary equipment.

"I did did a few simple checks to make sure she was conscious and spoke to the ambulance crew on the phone, explaining what had gone on and how she was and waited there till the police and paramedics first responder car arrived.

"And then I went on my way to the game."

Tom, who works at Whiston in the care of the elderly department, and is shortly due to start his GP training, was modest about his intervention.

"Thankfully – although she has a bad pelvic injury and is in a lot of pain – it was just a bit of re-assurance and making sure she was all right.

"The family have been in touch and she had pelvic fractures and was due an operation over the weekend.

"But they said they will keep me posted to let me know how she gets on," Tom said.