A MUM whose three-year-old son has a terminal illness is asking for help to make him the “magical bedroom that he deserves”.

Caelan Bluck, from Haydock, has a rare condition called infantile Pompe disease, which is a genetic muscle weakness disease caused by the build up of complex sugars.

Most people with the condition do not survive past a few months old.

Caelan has spent most of his life in hospital and is currently at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Manchester, where he recently underwent an operation to have a ventilator fitted to help him to breathe.

His mum, Toni Bluck, 21, has been by his side and would like to create his perfect bedroom for when they eventually go home to make it “the rainbow at the end of the storm”.

She said: “I have never asked anybody in this world for help, and to receive this would be not only Caelan’s dream come true, but mine also.

“He doesn’t want for anything, but to go that one step further to make it as perfect as possible is just the rainbow at the end of the storm.”

Single mum Toni, who is not able to work as she has been by Caelan’s side for two years since his diagnosis, is trying to raise £5,000 for his bedroom.

She added: “We are doing this without family. But if I’ve got Caelan and Caelan’s got me that’s all we need to get us by.

“If we raised £5,000 I’d probably just cry non-stop."

“Caelan underwent a procedure to be ventilated for the rest of his life, this will not save him from Pompe disease, but it will make his stay on Earth a lot more comfortable.

“Everything he’s been through doesn’t affect the person he is today.

“He is poorly but he is perfect. I wouldn’t wish for him to be any other way."

Caelan has an unsafe swallow due to poor muscle so has to be fed through his stomach.

Toni said: “He cannot sit up unsupported, he can’t walk.

“He relies on me to do absolutely everything for him except choosing his music and everything he puts on his iPad.

“Pompe disease does mean that Caelan will pass away, but there is no expectancy.

“Moments are very precious and there is not enough memory cards in the world to hold memories so tight.”

To donate visit bit.ly/2rEEe9x.