INTREPID walkers have conquered the Beating the Bounds challenge - permabulating the borough's boundary in a 42-mile trek.

Ste Lingard organised the walk, following an ancient Anglo-Saxon tradition of 'Beating the Bounds', to raise funds for mental health charity, St Helens Mind.

The route began at Haydock Park at 4.30am this morning. 

The route took in many sights along the borough's boundary including a climb of Billinge Hill, Manor Farm and the Nine Arches bridge.

The walk finished at around 8.30pm, taking approximately 16 hours.

Many walkers joined in, some taking on the whole route and others joining in for part of the journey in pre-organised legs.

Groups included students from Cowley and St Helens' partner town Stuttgart, Star reporter Kelsey Maxwell and politicians including Newton councillors Jeanie Bell and Seve Gomez-Aspron, and St Helens North MP Conor McGinn.

Did you walk some or the whole of the route? Send us your photos and videos.