A HISTORY enthusiast who revived an Anglo-Saxon tradition last year will be staging it again as part of the town's 150th anniversary.

Ste Lingard, brought back the ancient custom of 'Beating the Bounds', with a 40-mile plus route along the borough's boundary to raise funds for mental health charity, St Helens Mind, which this year's event will also help.

The tradition dates back more than 1,000 years which saw people perambulate the boundaries of their parish, as communities came together and is still observed in some English and Welsh parishes.

A slightly amended route has been carved out for this year's version, which forms part of St Helens 150.

Ste, 42, said: "For a first attempt last year was a big success: the route proved very attractive, everyone who took part enjoyed it.

"My main hope is a lot more people are able to take part, so they can see just how attractive large parts of our borough are - you don't have to drive to a National Park to get away from it all for a few hours. There has been a lot of interest so far."

Ste, from Parr, added: "I'm very pleased about this - it is a very happy coincidence that St. Helens 150 is taking place this year, when we are in a position to offer the opportunity to take part to anyone who fancies it.

"Many of the anniversary year events are happening in a specific place, such as the town centre. Beating the Bounds takes in a vast area of the borough, and away from the usual places where events take place.

"It is an opportunity for everyone, and especially those who live on or near the route. That really fits with the Beating the Bounds tradition, which is about getting communities together to celebrate their place."

People are encouraged to join in 2018's event on Sunday, May 13 and Ste is working on maps to show each section. People can walk parts of it and there will be a relay element also to be involved with Saints and St Helens Town donating match balls as 'batons'.

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