FRIDAY night's emphatic derby win over Warrington provided plenty of talking points again - with Saints keeping up their unbeaten start to the season.

1. Mark Percival's smartly taken hat-trick did much to secure the spoils and excite the travelling fans.

He showed all sides of his game, too, to collect his second treble of the season following on from his hat-trick against Castleford.

He showed good strength and determination to power over over the first one, and speed and a good degree of patience to finish off the third after a fine break and kick from Danny Richardson.

He even repaid his fellow Widnesian with a return kick through for the young scrum half to cross.

It gave a further nudge into the ribs of England coach Wayne Bennett, who preferred makeshift second row John Bateman for the majority of the World Cup games.

2. Young half Danny Richardson is keeping Matty Smith out for a reason, and in the final stages in particular he showed what he brings to the table, playing with the real swagger a certain Sean Long would have been proud of.

They are essential traits of a top-drawer half back He has the skills and the ability, even if there are still elements of his game that need ironing out, but he is only going to learn by playing.

And he is only going to grow confidence by the way he finished the game.

3. James Roby seems to be missed off all of the man of the match discussions - it must just be taken as read that he is a regular nine out of ten player.

If Friday night was a duel between two England players vying for a spot then the Saints man had more aces up his sleeve than Warrington counterpart Daryl Clark.

Roby was constantly poking his head through and getting the side moving forward to exploit a back-pedalling Wolves defence.

He also poached the crucial try just after the break that began to put the skids under the Wolves.

His contribution was invaluable on Friday night.

4. So far so good then with Saints sitting top of the pile.

You cannot under estimate the importance of the way a team starts the season. It is not simply because it gives a cushion should injuries or loss of form come later in the season.

And it certainly takes away that desperation and feeling of scrapping to win every game to get in the top four, like we had last year.

But it is more than that; in rugby league the gongs maybe handed out at the end but it is not just about how you finish.

In recent years Saints have managed to finish with something of a flourish, but that has largely been overshadowed by an early tone had been set by poor start, a Good Friday loss or a cup knockout.

5. How good was it to see Adam Swift join in with 'Oh When the Saints....' at the end of the game.

Swift has forced his way back into the side and grabbed his opportunity with both hands.

It is fantastic to see Saints with such a cosmopolitan line-up - a team made up of French, Australians, Samoans, Welsh, Cumbrians, Widnesians and even a Wiganer, but it is always great to see a good smattering of local products in there too. Former Blackbrook lad Swifty represents his home town team with real pride.

6. A bit of a moan to finish off. Saints turnout was magnificent on Friday at Warrington and there must have been 2,500 up there.

But one or two of them up there marred the experience for some others by throwing their beer after a try.

It is not a way to celebrate. It not only looks yobbish, but if your daughter or grand dad comes home talking about having to clean their ale-stained coat rather than Percy's last try, then it is problem. Everyone gets a bit giddy, but pack it in please.