A BARMCAKE? A cob? A bun?

What do you call them?

Popular local folk group the Lancashire Hotpots have nailed their colours firmly to the mast in favour of barmcake with their latest music video.

The rib-tickling video, which the group posted on social media the other day has spread quickly over social media and got the debate raging.

Lyrics include the song's chorus:

"It's called a barm-cake, barm-cake

A barmcake can't you see

It's a barm-cake, barm-cake

Please name it properlee

If call it summat else,

I'll have to raise the alarm

Coz you're saying it the wrong way

It's a barm, it's a barm"

Have a watch for yourself and let us know if you agree with the popular five-piece group.