A WOMAN who was born with a rare disorder which means she is unable to have children is looking for a kind hearted person to make her dreams of becoming a mum come true.

The 36-year-old from St Helens, who wants to remain anonymous, was diagnosed with a condition called Turner syndrome at 14.

The condition only affects women and results in different symptoms – one of which is infertility.

She said: "As a 14-year-old I found out that I had Turner syndrome and I didn't really think about it too much because of my age.

"It's only after settling down with my husband that we decided to look into different ways of having our own family.

"After seeking advise from Liverpool Women's Hospital, we underwent the necessary test and it has been confirmed that we will be unable to conceive without the help of egg donation.

"I am able to carry a child but don't have my own eggs, my condition affects different people differently and that's how it affected me.

"However, egg donations of this sort are very sparse and we are hoping that by talking to the Star people may come forward and help us start our family."

The wannabe parents are asking for someone to come forward as an egg donor.

The person would have to be aged between 21 and 35-years-old and preferably already have children.

She added: "It's an incredible gift to give someone to help them start their own family.

"We nearly became parents not that long ago but it resulted in a miscarriage.

"It gave us hope though, and I would love to have someone trust us in giving our baby the best quality of life.

"We want to give the baby a loving, stable home, we have been married for a while and both work, we just want to complete our family.

"I know the process isn't easy, but anyone willing to help us would be giving us the most amazing gift."

To help the couple quote reference Ref509R and call Liverpool Women's Hospital on 0151 7024212.