AN artist that has been dubbed St Helens’ answer to Banksy is producing eye-catching new artwork to celebrate his hometown’s 150th anniversary.

Drunk Wolf, who continues to conceal his identity, is producing work inspired by the borough's rich history and industrial past as part of a project he’s calling Happy Birthday St Helens.

This is in honour of the 150th anniversary of St Helens becoming a municipal borough.

The 38-year-old has been joining in Free Art Friday, where he will be leaving St Helens-themed artwork within the town or further afield.

Proceeds from certain prints will also go towards local charities such as St Helens Mind.

Drunk Wolf, whose work is mostly using spray paint and digital techniques, said: “St Helens has always supported me and my artwork, so I see this as both a celebration of the town and its history.

“But it is also me giving back as a thank you for that support.

“I’ve always been inspired by the town, its people and places so producing artwork with a St Helens theme comes easily.

“The two pieces I’ve done already have been a stained glass image of Beecham’s Clock as a nod to both Pilkingtons and Beechams and a print ‘We Built This Town On Glass And Coal’, which have both been really well received.

“The response is spurring me on to create more work with a St Helens influence.

“This is all very much a personal project for me having been born and raised in the town.

“The dynamic of the project means it engages with the public and gets them involved as well as the surroundings I’ve grew up with – but in a different way to how it does with large static pieces in public places (like the piece up on Liverpool Road) or exhibitions.”

For more information on Drunkwolf visit his website at or visit his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @drunkwolfart.