A HOMELESS support charity in St Helens has launched an appeal asking the community to donate items to help them with their move into a community hub.

Not-for-profit organisation Teardrops is set to move into a property on Crab Street but is hoping businesses and individuals will be able to provide them with essential items so they can carry out their work.

Teardrops' new base, The Hub, which is planned to be opened in the next two months, will provide advice and courses to homeless people, those at risk of living on the streets and vulnerable people in the community.

As well as providing education classes to schools and community groups, it will also open as a night cafe four times a week with around 50 service users expected to visit the centre each evening.

Teardrops CEO Denise Kelly said: "We have already had a lot of support in the two years we have been running and we would like to thank everyone for that.

"With us moving into The Hub, we will be able to help so many people with the range of services that will be available.

"We would be so grateful to businesses and the public if we were given some more support so we can get the equipment we need."

A wishlist has been published on Teardrops' website which includes items such as computer desks, cutlery, fire extinguishers and medical kits.

In return for a donation, the name of the person or company details will replace the item, unless the provider would like to remain anonymous.

A company logo may also be added to the charity's supporter page and website as well as being displayed in the The Hub.

An invite to opening of the building will also be on offer for those who provide donations.

To visit the charity's wishlist visit teardrops.org.uk/wishlist/.