STAR readers have given a largely negative reaction to news that Central Library may be set to relocate to the World of Glass building.

The Star reported in January when the local authority's Environment, Regeneration, Housing, Culture and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Panel heard the library could be set to move location, either in the short-term or possibly permanently.

The World of Glass was cited as the most likely destination, with the building having been chosen to become a new arts and culture centre.

The town centre library, situated in the Gamble Building, has been closed since last March for "essential maintenance works", which were initially expected to be have been completed by December.

However, reopening was put back to an indefinite date as the council said both the inside and outside of the building required reconstruction work running up "significant" costs, which led to speculation over the library's future.

Repairs at the Gamble Building are estimated to cost £428,000 and £750,000 for external works.

St Helens Star:

The World of Glass has been touted as a possible location

At the hearing Cllr Sue Murphy, cabinet member for libraries and leisure stressed the authority "just looking at the feasibility of putting the service in there both short-term and perhaps long-term".

One reader raised questions over the suitability of the World of Glass' location, saying: "The World Of Glass is not exactly located in an easy to access area, especially for older people or people without transport".

Another added: "The World of Glass already has parking difficulties when used as a venue thus making the use of the paid parking site next door a necessity".

Other readers expressed regret that the library could be set to move out of the historic Gamble Building.

One said: "The "World of Glass gives an impression of a large attraction, when in fact it is relatively tiny compared to attractions elsewhere.

"The Central library is (or was) a jewel in the crown of St Helens, well used and well respected by the public.

"As the town sinks ever deeper into stagnation and disrepair, decisions are becoming clearly ridiculous mostly based on delusional visions of future prosperity which will never be attainable".

Another added: "So our illustrious and frugal council have already spent £1,128,000 (sic) on this building before deciding to relocate the library to the World of Glass.

"Yet again a colossal waste of our money caused by poor decision making and mismanagement whilst cutting basic services for the rest of us".

Reader Bill Bradbury said: "This building was donated by Gamble and bit by bit all our historical buildings and institutions are being destroyed by people who appear to have no affinity for our heritage".

St Helens Star:

What the arts centre at the World of Glass could look like

However, some did greet the possible relocation positively.

Gaz moon commented: "I applaud this move by the council if that's what's going to happen.

"It's hard for some people but the Gamble is a drain on council resources and needs a complete refurbish.

"The World of Glass is an under-utilised newish building in the town centre with a multi-storey car park next door and bus routes that go immediately past it.

"Plus it's got decent toilets and a cafe plus a lovely seating area are at the rear. We can't carry on living in the past when central government has cut funding to us. We have to cut our cloth accordingly. I think it will be a great move".

And John Paul Darbyshire said on Facebook: "Nothing lasts forever, things come and go, things end and there are new beginnings. There's no going back, only forwards into new frontiers.

"I don't feel too bad about the old building, I'm just grateful I made the most of it and had fun with it for decades".