CCTV footage has been posted online which appears to show vandals pouring paint over a car in the early hours.

The footage was recorded in an area of Sutton at 2am.

Baz Dean circulated the footage on social media and said it was his car that had been attacked .

Similar pictures have also been shared in the past 36 hours of vehicles being damaged by paint, including one on Junction Lane, Sutton.

St Helens Star:

A CCTV image of Baz Dean’s car being covered in paint

He wrote: “These rats have done this to my car at 2am last night.

“If anyone hears anything or thinks that they recognise them can you get in touch and tell me some names.

“It’s not normal paint and it doesn’t come off.”

The vandalism has sparked a furious reaction across social media.

Merseyside Police have been contacted for comment.

If your car has been damaged by vandals in similar circumstances and you want to share your story email: