NORTHERN Rail have confirmed they are in talks with police to remove travellers from Lea Green station “as soon as possible”.

At least 10 caravans have been parked in the car park at the busy railway station since Tuesday night.

It has caused commuters to struggle finding parking spaces throughout the day.

A spokesman for Northern, who lease the site, said: “Several members of the travelling community arrived at Lea Green station overnight and are currently encamped on the car park.

“We are engaged in the legal process, and are liaising with local police, to ensure the caravans are moved from the car park as soon as possible.
“We fully understand the frustration of our customers who are unable to use parking spaces at the station, but there are set procedures which must be followed.”

A St Helens Council spokesman added: “The council is unable to intervene unless the private landowner Northern Rail approaches us for assistance.

"As of yet we have had no contact from the landowner, but will assist in resolving the matter if our services are requested.”