RISING indie and heavy pop band Weekend Wars have enjoyed entertaining audiences across the region.

And the five-piece group are set to perform three final gigs this year before they look ahead to producing new tracks for the new year as they look to move on to the next level.

The up-and-coming group’s latest release Champagne Eyes came out in July.

Vocalist Jack Arnold says the group is set to switch its focus to writing fresh material for 2018.

They will play at The Magnet in Liverpool on Friday (October 20) before heading to Night & Day café in Manchester on November 4 and Sound in Liverpool on November 24.

“We’re moving away from playing eight or nine gigs a month as we didn’t have any time to write,” said Jack, 23.

“We decided not to book anymore.

“We’ve done about 12 or 13 tracks and we’re going to take some of the older ones out of the set, so these will be the last chance people get to hear them live.”

The band also consists of Matt Morgan, from Whiston, on guitar, Adam Rolo, from Rainhill, on guitar, Andy Morrison, from Billinge, on bass and drummer Bec Birchall from Thatto Heath.

Jack added: “At the start of next month we’re recording a new track at Parr Street, Liverpool which will be out early next year.

“We want to add more excitement and more 80s influences.

“We love it, we’re five best mates at the end of the day.

“The dream is to be full-time. We’ve had some big interest but it’s day by day. We want next year to be ours.”