A FEW weeks ago I asked you Where Were We? My thanks to all of you who responded. I have selected a few answers.

A correspondent by the name of Whistlers’ Farm wrote: “That picture of the bus going to Prescot is on Prescot Road.

It has just come round the corner where Hattons Garage was, opposite West Park Rugby Club. That sandstone wall with the fence on top was something to do with Pilks years ago.”

It triggered memories for Frank Mooney: “The vehicle is parked just past Seascale Avenue just further down from Pilks research facility on Prescot Rd. I lived in that area from 1960 to 1975.”

Ian Kempsall said: “Great picture of trolleybus. It’s taken on Prescot Road, Eccleston Hill near the Post Office.

“It’s actually the No 8 trolleybus that ran from St Helens to Prescot direct, returning via Rainhill. It was replaced by the No 10 St Helens to Liverpool sometime after Merseyside County was created.

Your readers may well remember that the No 7 ran from St Helens to Prescot via Rainhill returning direct and that was replaced by the 10A.”

Jim Howards said: “It has just passed Seascale Avenue, where my wife lived in the 50s.”

Keith Molyneux added: “It is Prescot Road between Carmel College and the Grapes. Not much change. The houses still the same”.

David Cunningham added: “I can see what use to be Pilks lab wall in the background, where we all sneaked around. It had a fish pond in it...I cut my leg on there after we kicked a ball there, playing on St George’s Field, and the ball went over.”