READER John Alexander got in touch following the Coffey Time reference to the Bridge Hotel.

He wrote: “It is interesting as its name reflects the existence of Kitts Bridge long ago.

In the 1800s it spanned the Windle Brook which was then an open waterway and Bridge Street also derived its name from this convenient crossing.

“However, for more than 100 years this brook has been culverted underground but in its day it did influence other local names as well.
“Joined by the Mill Brook which gave us Millbrook Lane it was crossed by Sprays bridge in Boundary Road which later gave us Spray Street. 

“Then continuing east it becomes Hardshaw Brook and together with Sutton Brook it eventually flows as the Sankey Brook which itself is quite ancient.

“In front of the Bridge Hotel the Windle Brook did later see the light of day when it was briefly opened up around 1970 but today she meanders unseen in the darkness beneath concrete and clay.

“Perhaps rippled with the memories of brighter days...”