A HAYDOCK bollards manufacturer has appointed a security product consultant to help it "expand into UK and European markets" with the launch of new products.

ATG Access, whose base is on North Florida Road, will see Peter Barclay join on a consultancy basis for the key role in the launch of ATG’s innovative temporary security products division.

The line of products includes a range of crash tested barrier systems which can be installed quickly to provide high security protection on a temporary basis, and which can be rented out by customers.

On its website ATG Access describes itself as a "world leading innovator and manufacturer of bollards , rising arm barriers, road blockers and vehicle barrier systems".

Peter joins from Marshalls Street Furniture Company, where he spent more than a decade managing the development and launch of numerous successful product lines in his role as sales director.

He was particularly instrumental in the development and launch of Marshall’s PAS 68, Street Furniture range, which saw significant growth in revenue and sales opportunities.

In his new role, Peter aims to establish a viable security rental market in both the UK and Europe, and significantly grow demand for ATG temporary security products.

On his appointment, Peter said: “I’ve always loved working with innovative clients who look to bring solutions to the market nobody else has thought of.

"I can’t wait to contribute to the ongoing success of ATG and further establish its position as a world-leading provider of temporary and permanent vehicle security solutions.

"With this new range, we’re looking to target entirely new types of customers as we carry on expanding into the UK and European markets.”

Mark Clegg, managing director at ATG Access, added: “We’re delighted to have Peter on board. Peter has spent more than 10 years spearheading the launch of market-leading product lines in the securities sector, and he has a wealth of experience and expertise to bring to ATG.”

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