A UNIFORM recycling service has been set up so anyone who is facing financial difficulties can get second-hand uniform items.

The 'Unicycle' project obtains and supplies uniform for primary and secondary schools across St Helens and garments can be picked up at St Mark's Church in North Road.

For anyone who can donate school clothing that is still in good condition, there are drop-off points in a number of schools and churches in town and a box at the prayer stall in St Mary's Market.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Emma Howarth, Co-ordinating Chaplain St Helens Town Centre, said: "Unicycle is a school uniform recycling project.

"School uniform both at primary and secondary is expensive particularly when it has to be purchased all at once. There are a lot of families in St Helens who are not able to afford part or all of the uniform, and there are a lot of families who have uniform that is still in decent condition that their children have no use for.

"Unicycle puts these two groups together."

She explained that the idea was sparked when St Helens Council dropped its school uniform grant for disadvantaged children.

Emma said: "We wanted to do something about it and thought the churches could step in.

"We contacted local schools and churches and it's working quite well. We will work in collaboration with anyone that wants to get involved.

"The Hope Centre and foodbanks are also getting involved by referring families to us."

St Mark's Church is open on Tuesdays between 7 and 8.30pm and on Thursdays between 1 and 2.30pm for people to collect uniform. Tea or coffee will also be available.