STARS of blockbuster fantasy series The Hobbit, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter are among the latest names added to the guest list for St Helens' inaugural comic con this July.

Adam Brown, who portrayed Ori the dwarf in Peter Jackson's film trilogy, was last night confirmed on the guest list for the town hall event.

Adam portrayed one of the movies' most popular characters as one of the companions of Thorin and Bilbo on the Quest of Erebor

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones actor Dominic Carter, who played the role of Janos Slynt, former Commander of the City Watch in King's Landing and Night's Watch brother in the series.

He will join fellow cast member Ross Mullan, who plays the White Walker. 

Also announced to appear at the event is Hugh Mitchell, best known for playing Hogwarts student Colin Creevey in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He is the second confirmed guest from the Potter Universe with Josh Herdman, who played Slytherin Gregory Goyle also to appear.

Also coming to St Helens is Terry Molloy, best known for being the third actor to portray mad scientist Davros, creator of the Daleks in Doctor Who.

Meanwhile, Geek Girl creator Sam Johnson will also be a guest.

Previously confirmed guests have included S Club 7 and Primeval star Hannah Spearritt and Ken Colley, who played villain Admiral Firmus Piett in the original Star Wars series.

Alan Harris, who played Bossk the bounty hunter in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, will also be there. 

Also among those coming to the town hall is Jon Davey, who has played a Cyberman in Doctor Who and has starred in the Sarah Jane Adventures.

Tim Perkins is also a guest, who has been a graphic designer in the comic book and children's books industries.

A prop used for the Delorean in the Back to the Future films will also be on show.

There will be a free to enter 'cosplay' competition and a free to use gaming area at the event.

St Helens Star:

Comic con takes place at the town hall on Saturday, July 15 with the event is organised by Wonky Rockets Events, who have brought comic con events across the North West.

Doors will be open from 10.30am to 5pm on the day with early bird access from 9.30am.

See for more and to book tickets.