A FUNDRAISING campaign has been set up to amass £10,000 to help an 11-month-old boy with an undiagnosed condition.

Jaxson Potter, who lives with his mum and dad, Jackie and Michael Potter in the town centre, has had a difficult start to life with a host of problems, which doctors are still assessing.

The baby, who cannot move his head or support his body and is at risk of Sudden Infants Death syndrome (SIDs), has had to undergo several genetic and neurological tests to try and find out the cause of his condition.

His mum Jackie, 29, said: "I was told I couldn't have children so when we were told our miracle baby was going to be born with problems and given a choice to terminate, it was not even a question.

"He was born at 35 weeks and after initially thinking he was OK, he had had many problems including struggling to breathe and eat.

"We later found out he had excess skin in his mouth causing him to choke and closing off his airways, so he has had two operations to try and fix that.

"The second time the surgeon had to take so much skin from his throat that now everything Jaxson eats goes into his lungs so he has had to have a peg fitted.

"But despite everything he smiles all the time and is such a happy boy.

"I have had to give up my job working in the NHS to care for him but that also means that we will be losing our car, which we use to take him to and from appointments.

"On top of that we also have to move because the house we live in is inadequate for his needs as the stairs are too steep and goes onto a public pathway, so a ramp cannot be put in place, which he may need in the future.

"He is my world I just want to give him everything."

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Kerri Harris, from Earlestown, who heard about Jaxson after talking to Jackie on Facebook.

She said: "I decided I wanted to help this family and their little boy by raising funds for whatever they need and anything that can be done for this family would be incredible."

To donate visit gofundme.com/qpar2k-help-lil-jaxson-today-please