A FILM and television student is seeking assistance to help make a film dedicated to her late grandmother.

Twenty-year-old Melissa Cathcart, from Dentons Green, is filming the video as part of her studies at the Futureworks Media School in Manchester.

The film will focus on the time her grandmother, Caroline Carney, had a short affair with a singer who went on to be famous.

Melissa says the identity of the singer cannot be named for legal reasons and names will be changed in the film. She says the fling happened around 1962 to 1963 while Caroline was in her first marriage.

Melissa, who already has a cast in place for the filming, says she needs a location with 1960s decor.

Caroline passed away in April 2015 aged 81 and Melissa, who says her grandmother played a “big part” in her life, wants to dedicate the project to her.

“While she was married my gran had a fling with a famous singer,” said Melissa, who is in the second year of her course and has previously worked as a runner for Johnny Vegas on BBC Radio 4 show Toffee Tip. 

“The film is about 10 minutes long and it is about her when she was younger and a particular moment. It is focused on her and what she went through.

“It will be dramatised a bit for artistic licence but it is pretty much going to be what happened.

“She was quite an eccentric character.”

Contact Melissa on mcathcart21@hotmail.com.