I WAS sent a message from a reader who discovered a little album of photographs which had belonged to his father-in-law, Joseph Cowley, a wireless operator in the RAF.

The reader wrote: “Joe was a St Helens man from birth to death. Born in 1922 in Sutton, St Helens, he lived all his life in the town.

“He loved St Helens and its people and also was a keen supporter of the Saints. He was educated at West Park Catholic Grammar but like many of his generation, the needs and demands of his parents, together with the War, interrupted any plans for higher education and a career in the professions.

“After the war he joined Pilkington Brothers as a factory worker and remained there until made redundant. He then became a school caretaker until retirement in 1987.

“Joe was a keen hobbyist, for many years during the 1960s and 70s he continued his wartime radio interest as a radio amateur.

“During this time he made contacts and friends all over the world. At various times he was a keen photographer, developing all his own black and white photographs, a collector of cigarette cards, a philatelist, and a numismatist.

“His final and longest lasting hobby was his passion for producing black and white line sketches and water colour paintings. He became accomplished in both mediums.

“Joe had a lifelong love of music from traditional jazz to classical and spent many hours tape-recording Radio 3, for his later enjoyment.

“He married Elizabeth (Liz) Eden, a St Helens girl, and they had a daughter, Josephine.

“Her married name is Josephine (Josie) Roby, now living at Orrell, near Wigan, with husband, Alan.

“Joseph Cowley died, aged 78, in 2000.

“His wife Elizabeth, died, aged 84, in 2005.”