SOUL and pop singer Lisa Stansfield may have been around the world - but she's looking forward to playing close to home at Haydock racecourse, where she headlines this August.

Lisa - who was catapulted to fame with song All Around the World and scored international hits with her '80s and '90s albums - will play following an evening of races at the venue on Friday, August 5.

The Rochdale-born songstress and actress spoke to The Star ahead of the gig, saying she was looking forward to the live performance, especially as members of her extended family may go along to show support.

"I love doing outdoors venues and unusual performances like this," she said. "When I was younger I wasn't very confident and didn't like live shows but now I love it.

"I used to worry about every little detail, but as you get older you realise you can't control everything."

She says she will be singing her classic songs as well as hits from her 2014 album Seven.

Having recently turned 50 and feeling increasingly liberated these days, she said, this is a big year for her.

She said: "I've been spending a lot more time up north lately, as well as working on next my album in London.

"Over the last two or three years I've been building up my profile. It's slow - that's the way it is now for people like me, who've been very successful in the past."

Lisa starred in 2014 film Northern Soul, playing mum. Set in Lancashire in 1974, it followed two friends' journey amid the dance culture that grew up around the discoveries of cult American soul tracks.

She said: "I enjoy acting, but my first love is music.

"The Northern Soul scene was beautiful - everybody got excited about the music shop. It's a bit like that again now - because so much is recorded online, getting hold of vinyl is difficult."

Lisa says her mum's love for soul set her own tastes: "I'm a soul girl. I love Diana Ross and lots of others, and as a child I'd emulate those artists, like a puppet, learning to make them my own."

She added: "Playing at Haydock is going to be special. It's my part of the world - or near enough; the St Helens area is where lots of extended family live, so they had better come along to see me. If they do I'll give them a wave!"

For tickets, costing from £30 for adults and £15 for children - visit