A MAN has been arrested after a high speed police car chase in the early hours of this morning.

Residents in Clock Face were woken up just before 4am to the sound of sirens and the police helicopter.

Police have confirmed they were in pursuit of a red Chrysler car which had been stolen from Wigan.

Stephen Pilkington said: “There was a massive car chase, seven cars trailing him plus cars stationed to get the stinger out, the helicopter the lot.

“The must have gone down Gartons lane five times at least’ He caught the moment police used a stinger but he said it still failed to stop the getaway car.”

Hazel Woodward added: “There must have been dozens of police cars go past Jubits Lane in Sutton manor.

“Never seen so many police cars and helicopters in my life.”

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said: “The pursuit started at 3.45am.

“A red Chrysler had been stolen from the Wigan area.

“One male adult was arrested in Jubits Lane just before 4am.”

To watch a video of the chase, click here