A SET of signs marking a revamped Newton-le-Willows' heritage trail have been agreed by St Helens Council.

Subject to funding, the 11 signs will be put up at locations around Newton and Earlestown, including near to Newton Library, opposite the Railway Hotel and on footpath in Sankey Valley.

The application was granted by planning officers and an official launch is set to take place once funding for the signage has been confirmed.

The original heritage trail, which takes in many of the town's historical sites, was installed in 1999. It is a 10km circuit around Newton-le-Willows consisting of noticeboards at historic points of interest.

Councillor Seve Gomez-Aspron, who is vice chairman of Newton and Earlestown Community Group (NECG), said: "Seventeen years on the group decided to revamp the trail as it was beginning, ironically, to look dated!

"The new route is a more modern conception of the old one and will incorporate a website and quick-read barcodes which Hope Academy have kindly started to produce.

"Some of the 11 signs will be brand new and some will replace the old ones."

He added: "When we founded NECG, it was clear that as a town, we are proud of our significant and long history. It's a shame that some buildings have been lost along the way, but it shows that we should appreciate and protect what we have left.

"The heritage trail route will make the most of the new Sankey Valley footpaths, exposed lock on Common Road and Earlestown town centre.

"We've had rambling groups coming from all over the North West to use the new Sankey Valley route, so it will incorporate two train stations and two bus stations in the town as well as car parks along the way."

NECG member Debbie Fackey said: "A revamp would be an excellent addition to the town that can be used for both health and education. Local history features heavily in the curriculum at schools and all have pledged to continue to use the route for pupils."

Subject to funding, it is hoped the signage will be in place by Easter 2016.