A SCHOOL librarian who has written more than 20 books about the lives and work of film and rock stars has released a biography of Star Wars director JJ Abrams.

Neil Daniels, 34, from Toll Bar, has been a fan of the sci-fi franchise since childhood, and his new book 'JJ Abrams - A Study in Genius' took him a year to complete.

This month sees the release of the highly anticipated seventh episode in the Star Wars series 'The Force Awakens', so Neil, who has worked at Rainhill High School for almost 10 years, felt it was a good time to publish this biography.

Neil said: "JJ Abrams is one of the most successful director-writer-producers working in Hollywood, and since he was offered the chance to direct the forthcoming Star Wars instalment, his reputation has shot even higher.

"Such has been Abrams' success that he has himself become something of a brand, especially since his revitalisation of Star Trek as director of the 2009 blockbuster."

In the early '90s Abrams began his career writing scripts for films including 'Regarding Henry' and 'Forever Young', before also moving into the world of TV, being writer and co-creator of cult show Lost.

Neil, who has a degree in film studies, said: "Abrams sceptics note that not everything he has been involved with has worked - a number of his TV shows have been cancelled and some of his films have received mixed reviews. But there's no question that Abrams is one of Hollywood's most powerful people."

Among Neil's previous subjects are heavy metal bands Judas Priest and Metallica, soft rock outfit Bon Jovi and he has recently completed books on Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey and British star Martin Freeman.

Neil says 'The Empire Strikes Back' is his favourite Star Wars film.

"It's dark, atmospheric, moody and has one of the greatest shock climaxes in movie history," he said. "It's one of the greatest sequels ever."

He adds: "The trailers for The Force Awakens have been outstanding and while I have reservations about Abrams' two Star Trek films, I think TFA will not disappoint."

Neil researched the book - which he says is the first critical biography of Abrams - using magazines and the internet. His next project is updating his Iron Maiden coffee table book for 2016.

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