A KIND-HEARTED schoolgirl will travel out to Uganda for 10 days to help impoverished children in the country.

Twelve-year-old Erin Scott will travel out to the African country with her mum, Julie Hand and the African Refugee Education Project (AREP) charity.

Erin and her mum have sponsored two children in Uganda and will get to meet them when they fly out in November.

AREP, based in St Helens, was set up by Nigel Lea-Wilson after he visited a refugee camp in the African country several years ago.

Uganda hosts around half a million refugees from countries like South Sudan who flee from civil war.

AREP supports 10 children in good schools and its long-term aim is to raise money to build a house in Kampala that the refugee children can call their home preventing them from fearing eviction from landlords.

Erin, a year eight pupil at Rainford High, has also inspired her fellow students to take up the cause as their chosen charity.

"She has been sponsoring two girls and is going to visit them to see how it has impacted on their lives and to help out in the local community," said Erin's head of year at Rainford High, Bethan Guy.

"I thought it was remarkable that she has such generosity and compassion to go over to Uganda for 10 days. She is a fantastic student who has shown great compassion and commitment to this cause and the year group have really got behind her and supported her.

"We have taken on the charity as our year group charity and will be fundraising on their behalf."

For more information, visit www.arep4change.org or see the 'African Refugee Education Project' Facebook page.