THERE is a chance to relive the history of Beechams over the heritage weekend with an atmospheric tour of the old building which will offer a vivid insight into 19th Century factory life.

On Saturday, September 12 30-minute tours will take place trough the day exploring the history of the pharmaceutical factory, which was based at the Beechams Clock Tower building.

With a history stretching back to 1877, the listed building is one of the most iconic images of the town's rich past and was built as the headquarters of the pharmaceutical company for the rapid production of medicines.

And to honour its contribution, St Helens College's theatre and performance tutor Ian Greenall has undergone a project to help bring the building back to life.

Commissioned by the Heart of Glass, Ian has created a performance installation specifically for the heritage weekend which will offer visitors the chance to travel back in time.

People can witness some historic parts of the building including an old staircase, mosaic floor and the office of Joseph Beecham, son of the business' founder Thomas.

"We received some funding from the Heart of Glass and we've got this all set up," said Ian.

"I will pretend to be Tom Oldham, the Beechams' coachman who will lead the tour. It will be as if they have been taken back to 1890."

To add to the realistic atmosphere, voice recordings from former workers at the factory will be featured, along with genuine Beechams memorabilia and a video presentation.

"I have worked with some of the retired staff and have lots of recordings and we've got voices and memories of the building. People will get to go through to the head office where Joseph Beecham worked and there will also be an exhibition at the end.

"We have an old cabinet that has been kept in the library archives which will have all old items in there with old products, posters and newspaper adverts."

From its 19th-Century origins, the tour will progress forwards to the factory's last days of production in 1994.

"In one room it will go forward to 1994 with a video presentation and they will get to meet the workers on their last day on the production line. There will be a video and photography of people working the factory and of them on their last day singing."

Meanwhile, the day before the Beechams workers are expected to be reunited at a 'Reminisce Afternoon Tea’ event at Colours Restaurant where ex-factory workers will be invited and will share memories and bring memorabilia, as well as being given a VIP preview of Saturday's tour.

The half-hour tours will be held from 10.30am on the Saturday to 4pm and it is hoped there will be open public access following this until 5pm.