A CORONER recorded an open verdict into the death of a man with a history of depression who was found hanged after taking cocaine.

Coroner Christopher Sumner concluded that despite the case "seeming to be a straightforward case of suicide" the presence of cocaine made him unsure of the man's mental state at the time.

Machine driver Darren Lyon was found in the bathroom of his home on Clock Face Road by a friend in the very early hours of Friday, June 5.

Mr Lyon, who was 44, had been drinking vodka and taking cocaine earlier in the hours before his death and went up to the bathroom shortly after midnight before being found by his friend around 10 minutes later.

Speaking at the inquest, coroners officer Kevin Farrell said: "There was no documentary evidence of his thought process and cocaine had been used and there were prescription drugs which he had not been subscribed.

"He may have been experiencing euphoric effects of drugs at the time."

Recording the verdict, Coroner Sumner said: "I have got to be sure of what he did and that he knew exactly what he was doing and that what he was doing would lead to his death.

"He's had a percentage of a bottle of vodka which isn't that high and also had cocaine. It gives a massive boost and a high that might well have affected his judgement.

"If it did, I can't say he committed suicide. The evidence doesn't disclose exactly what the intention of Mr Lyon was so I am going to say an open verdict."