JORDAN Campbell was tortured and terrorised in the moments before his death, said a judge as he sentenced the killers to lengthy prison terms.

Daniel Wiltshire, 26 from Wargrave Road in Newton, Ruben Hoather from Tickle Avenue in Parr and Anthony Wood, 33, from Elephant Lane in Thatto Heath were jailed for a total of 61 years for the brutal murder of Jordan who was stabbed to death in a flat in Parr early on New Year's Day.

Wiltshire who inflicted the fatal blow, stabbing Jordan with a four-and-a-half inch kitchen knife before attempting to burn his body, was jailed for a minimum 21 years. Ruben Hoather, 22, who was Jordan's cousin, was jailed for 19 years and Anthony Wood, who was found guilty of murder following a trial, was also jailed for 21 years.

The three men sat in the dock separated by security guards as the court heard how Jordan's death has impacted on his family.

Keith Anders, who became a father figure to the teenager, struggled to restrain his emotions as he read out a moving statement. He said: "I'm not sure how I can fully explain the loss and devastation Jordan's death has caused us all. He was a big part of my family. He had a difficult childhood and had a lot to cope with from an early age. When he was seven or eight his dad got sent to prison and it definitely affected Jordan.

"Growing up Jordan was always a happy child and always remained positive with a cheeky smile on his face no matter how bad a day he had. He refused to let things get him down. Jordan didn't ask for much and took joy from the simplest of things."

Mr Anders described Jordan as "vulnerable" and "much younger than his age". He said: "We built up a trust and bond but all that effort was for nothing because his life was ended for nothing."

"I would like to ask why they did this cruel and violent act. I can't imaging the horror he would have gone through in those last moments."

A statement was also read out on behalf of his mother Kerry Birch which stated: "The injuries they caused meant we couldn't properly say goodbye. I couldn't see Jordan one last time. They took that away from me.

"New Year's day will never be the same because that is when I lost my child."

Telling Wiltshire to stand up as he delivered his sentence Mr justice Kerr told him: "The victim was taunted, insulted, terrorised and tortured before he died. You continued to insult his dignity after killing him, setting fire to his body and the flat, putting others in danger and trying to conceal the evidence of your crime."

Addressing Hoather he said: "You committed this offence while on licence less than 24 hours after being released from prison, serving a sentence itself for an offence of violence."

Anthony Wood had denied the murder and blamed his co-accused. The judge told him: "You falsely tried to make out you were the good man trying to rescue the boy you murdered. Your trial has delayed sentencing. That delay has I am sure added to the suffering you have already caused to Jordan's family and loved ones."