AFTER getting the all clear from cancer, a model came out of retirement to take to the catwalk for the first time in five years.

Angelica Fenney's appearance was for a unique show in London designed to turn the standard idea of beauty on its head in a celebration of diversity.

Jane Bellis, who worked in the fashion industry as a makeup artist and hair stylist for almost 20 years, came up with the idea of an alternative fashion event after the death of Sophie Lancaster in 2007 who was attacked by a group of teenagers simply for her style of clothes.

Anjelica, 37, from Parr and the former manager of the St Helens band Titors Insignia, has battled cervical, breast and skin cancer over the years but got the all clear in May.

She took part in the Alternative Fashion Fest show in London and has since featured in a five other events. And now she is back modelling full time.

Angelica explained: "The models you normally see on the catwalk are 5ft 10in and skinny. They are just coat hangers. But in real life it's completely different. We have plus size and disabled models and ones with tattoos. It's about body confidence.

"We also showed a range of different styles of clothing not just catwalk outfits.

"Jane Bellis who organised it was overwhelmed with the reaction. I'm a plus size model and the reaction I've got was unbelievable. We will be taking the show to Manchester, Birmingham and back to London and overseas.

"I have one ambition. I used to be a glamour model but lost all my confidence through cancer because of the drugs. I went to a size 22. I put my confidence down to being a glamour model. But thanks to personal trainers Karen Jarvis and Kim O'Neal that's started to come back.

"But there is one thing I want to do and that's do one more shoot."