HAS St Helens been visited by aliens?

This strange orange object was spotted by Star reader George Hunter hovering above his home close to St Helens town centre.

Described by Mr Hunter as a "huge object" that moved at "warp speed", it was seen just after midnight in the skies over the Rainford Road area.

Mr Hunter said: "It was just after midnight and as I looked through the kitchen window I saw some very bright lights in a triangular pattern quite high in the night sky.

"I filmed the lights and zoomed in on them, but I only managed to get a short clip as the lights moved out of shot as I was filming them.

"They were very fast and gone in less than a second, it was almost like something out of Star Trek moving at warp speed.

"I am sure that this was no ordinary aircraft such as a plane or helicopter as it simply moved too fast and made no noise. I am convinced it was a huge object; it was much bigger and brighter than it appears in the clip.

"I suppose this could have been some type of military aircraft but it was completely silent and appeared to be to massive.

"I am stumped as to what the object could have be and I am interested to see if anyone else might have seen it or have an explanation."

Did you see the mysterious lights in the skies above St Helens? Leave a comment below or send an e-mail, with pictures or footage is you have some, to andrew.kilmurray@newsquest.co.uk